Are you ready to make your business EXTRAORDINARY?


Dear Northern Virginia business owner or manager,

Are you seeking to:

  • Provide “Knock Your Socks Off” life enhancing service to your customers/clients?

  • Grow your business by AT LEAST 50-100% over the next 12 months… whether that’s number of clients, gross revenues, or net profits?

  • Have the highest level of integrity, honesty, and responsiveness to clients and business partners?

Are you active or WANT to be active in any of these NoVA communities?

  1. Fort Hunt/Alexandria

  2. Mount Vernon

  3. Lorton/South County

  4. Hayfield

  5. Kingstowne

  6. Annandale

  7. Springfield

  8. Alexandria – Old Town

  9. Alexandria – West

  10. West Springfield

  11. Burke

  12. Central Fairfax

Many business owners have no idea where to go, what to do and need REAL direction and a REAL plan that they can see, touch, feel and have little confidence that the people that they lead are the best to serve their customers. They often lack the leads, training, ongoing support, and workplace culture to allow for certainty of success and growth. They are seeking ideas and inspiration for what to do, what to create, resources, tools, strategies for HOW to create, partners in creating, generating, sharing content, accountability, support and coaching and Consulting/ special project - Done for you service.

It is a known fact that 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses will fail within the first 18 months because they run out of money and distracted too much and don’t have the guidance and mentorship they need to succeed. An astounding 80% crash and burn.

Often businesses are not engaging with their customers through deep dialogue, they fail to communicate their unique value proposition in a compelling, clear, and concise manner. They do not differentiate themselves in the marketplace. They lack the best leadership. They need the right training, support, mentorship, accountability, coaching and structure. These reasons lead to an inability to lead a profitable business.

Some work 18 hours a day, neglect their families and seldom take time off or vacation. Others do not place the time or focus needed in their business to be successful. Are you lacking the substance you need to succeed? You have found us, we can solve these problems and lead you on the path to consistent and profitable business without killing yourself, while meeting your clients and your personal goals.

Because if you don’t get a consistent pipeline of business the money runs out! This causes a whole bunch of problems (trust me I have been there).

You don’t want that to happen. That is bad. You need to make the right decision now, you don’t have time for anything else.

My name is Dan Rochon. I’ve been in business for more than 11 years. I’ve built a real estate sales business that provides me and my team members consistent and reliable income. Today I own 5 companies including a large Keller Williams Realty brokerage, a profitable real estate sales team, an investment company, a home improvement company, and a partnership in a title company.

But my business also depends on people like you, because my clients depend on people like you. They need you for home services, for financial issues, for help with their kids, for fun and travel.

So I thought, if my clients want the very best, why not go out there and find the very best and help them implement the same strategies that I use to grow my business.

And I want to help them connect with the very best.

My business grows when my partners grow. It’s that simple. I already know how to deliver great service to buyers, sellers, and investors in Northern Virginia, Maryland and DC. I know how to structure deals, develop offers, manage the buying process. My business works. That’s why we are consistently the top ranked agent in NOVA and why we’re adding new agents to our team each month. We’re growing and things are popping.

And if that leads to a few extra buyers or listings each year, who am I to say “No”?

I hired Frazier O’Leary with Small Business NoVA and the “Business is Good” Network, an entrepreneur that I’ve known and worked with for 11 years, and who is an absolute marketing GENIUS but who has one (nearly) fatal flaw…he gets bored if he’s not constantly challenged with a BIG project.

I said to Frazier,

“I want you to build a network of extraordinary businesses, give them the tools to improve their businesses, develop communities, connect them with each other, and make sure things are set up that they know, like, and trust Greetings Virginia so that when they run into a buyer, seller or real estate investor, they know where to send them.
“And I want you to assemble the network in 90 days and I want us to be able to launch community networking groups in 12 NoVA Communities.“

(I figured that that would keep him busy).

So you’re probably reading this because you’ve been contacted by us directly or because one of the members of your business network suggested that you check us out.

I’m looking for a business owner or manager to learn all the systems and tools to use so you can too can build a consistent and reliable income in your business. Specifically, I am seeking a businessperson who wants to attract more customers, give a greater value to your existing customers, increase profits, build a more sustainable business, and enjoy life.

We will help you gain maximum exposure, connection, coaching, celebration and accountability for your business. We will help you to have the systems, processes, and leads that you need.

We will help you:

  • Get more leads

  • Get more referrals

  • Have powerful business models to copy

  • Make connections attracting media attention

  • Understand marketing ideas, strategies, and resources

  • Delegate, outsource, and automate

  • Have an incredible business network

  • Help creating high value content

  • Receive advice, coaching, feedback, support

  • Increase awareness/ attract leads

  • Increase credibility

  • Provide value to existing clients

  • Streamline business operations

  • Protect yourself from the, "Essential Man" bottleneck

  • Reinforce buying decisions

  • Decrease buyers remorse

  • Create differentiation in the marketplace

  • Add new income/ revenue

  • Have your people (clients, customers, prospects) spend quality time with you when you are not there).

How good does all that sound? You will have the access to:

  • Introductions/Connections

  • Networking Events

  • Community Networking Lunches

  • Online Directory and Introductions

  • Working Sessions

  • Training

  • Accountability and Celebration

  • Business Acceleration Training Series which includes:

    • Network Builder

    • Community Builder

    • Video Builder

    • List Builder

    • BAIT Builder

    • Media Builder

    • Celebrity Builder

    • Freedom Builder

    • Machine Builder

    • Credibility Builder

    • Sales Builder

    • Product Builder

  • Regular Connecting, Business Development Activities

  • Daily Introductions Email

  • Quarterly Network-A-Palooza

  • Community Lunches

  • Classes/Workshop

  • Discounted access on Working Sessions and other activities

  • Promotion Activities in Our Communities

  • Our “Trusted Partners” Guide for the Community

  • Quarterly Community Networking Lunches

  • Community Value Card for your Community – sharing discounts, promotions

    • Physical “Value Card” for Discounts with providers in your target community

    • Bonuses, Discounts provided by our EBN members

  • Exposure with new neighbors who add to our Community List

  • Linked to Community Directory of Providers

  • EBN members provide cards to clients/customers to expand network of customers

This means that when you join our network you will receive access to a wagon-load of resources and opportunities to help you serve more customers, grow your business, and increase your success.

This includes coaching and direction on how to create or implement:

  1. Webinars – We’ve just launched a series of webinars and I love what I’ve seen so far.  Once we get our formula down, I’m asking Frazier to help our members get into the Webinar business themselves.

  2. Trusted Partners Guide – We are working with our members to create Trusted Partners Guides in each of our communities so that we can better serve our customers.

  3. Community Value Card – This is actually a project I’ve been thinking about for a long time – creating a discount card that our local businesses could contribute bonuses/discounts to and we can all share with our customers.

  4. The Community Lunch – I’m very excited about our community lunch schedule and I think it’s going to be great for our businesses as well as a solid rock that we can count on and invite people to.

  5. Video/Email Series – We have a 30-Day FREE online email video series designed to help agents, business people, and entrepreneurs catapult their productivity and profits. This inspirational content is called 30 for 30. Once we create something like that, it can be “set it and forget it” but if you track the numbers – visits, opt ins, views – and then build your marketing around it it can be really fun to be impacting people…without having to invest time. Sound interesting? Check it out for yourself - it's free

  6. BAIT – (See #5 above)  - whether it’s a webinar or a video or email series or the Trusted Partners guide, it is so great to have something that you can put in front of people and have them say, “Yes, I want that” and give you their contact information so that you can start building a relationship.

  7. Content Sharing Network – I love creating content but both I and mailing list sometime need a break!  I’m looking forward to sharing good solid high value content with my partners and using their content to help flesh out our newsletter, our social media, and our web site with high value, customer serving content.

  8. The Customer Success Book – This is actually a new project for me.  We collect testimonials and success stories but this year I want to have my clients co-write a book for/with me, where we share lessons learned and ideas/strategies in specific topic areas.

  9. Know Your Numbers and Tracking – This is something I’m very passionate about – knowing my numbers.  My Cost Per Impression/view, my cost per lead, my cost per “sale”. I like knowing which of my lead generating channels produces what types of results and which have the highest conversion rates…so that I can tinker and improve.  Knowledge really is power in this area and if you aren’t tracking and watching your numbers, you’re just guessing.

  10. Shock and Awe – I was introduced to the “Shock and Awe” concept by marketing guru Dan Kennedy and Frazier reinforced it years ago and we “sort of” do it in Greetings Virginia but this is another area that I’m excited about improving in 2018.

  11. Niche – When I started 10 years ago, I stumbled into a specific niche – short sales – which has made me both an extraordinary amount of money and has allowed me to connect with lots of agents, sellers, and buyers that I’ve been able to help (and continue to be able to help). One of the first things that I talk to our member businesses about is finding that niche – buyer type, transaction stage, geography, technology used – that can make you a star in a “competition free” zone.

  12. Time Management and Priorities – This is my forte for sure.  My team is fanatical about staying on task, dedicating focused time for lead generation every day. I am constantly inspecting our systems to find efficiencies and improvements. If I can look at how your spending your minutes, I can tell you what results you are getting.  And if we change how and where you’re spending those minutes, we can change those results.

  13. Big Vision – This is one of my favorite “strategies” (check out my interview with Frazier on the web site).  You need to have a big enough vision for your business that it does THREE things – (1) attracts YOUR energy and passion, (2) Attracts people – employees, partners -  who bring their energy and passion, and (3) Keeps those people as part of your organization (meaning that the vision is big enough that they don’t have to leave to grow or achieve their goals).  This is a place where I love talking with (and challenging) our member businesses. Let’s talk about enlarging your vision!

You’ll have the guidance and systems so no opportunities fall through the cracks.

You can continue to do business without the resources and help but that is hard. You can hire a consulting company but that is expensive. Or you can do nothing and remain in the same place in your business life but I bet if you are reading this, that that is an unacceptable proposition for you.

What This is NOT...

  • Not Google Search or SEO
  • Not Networking Meetings or a Referral Group
  • Not Direct Mail
  • Not Cold Calling or Door Knocking

Extraordinary Business Network will help you. But take my word for any of this…

I took a new real estate agent that working for a competing company and mentored her. Prior to joining my company she sold 4 homes. After being with my company for 18 months, she sold 27 homes last year.  

I started a local business network called BNI Positive Power that has had more than 150 members during the past 10 years and last year its members passed over $2.8M in closed business to each other.

I have helped launch hundreds of business careers and have coach numerous companies in various industries

This offer is not for everybody. But, if you’re the RIGHT kind of business – committed to your clients, committed to profitability and growth, and committed to a healthy life/work balance – I’m inviting you to apply to become a part of the Extraordinary Business Network.

To get involved, you put down a deposit of $250.00 for a 3 month trial membership  (See below for ways to make that deposit completely refundable!) At the end of the first 3 months, we’ll decide whether this is a good fit. If we mutually decide to continue - meaning we BOTH see the value of continuing, you can continue for $50.00 per month.

But there is a way to be a member of the Extraordinary Business Network and to get your Monthly Membership For FREE! Simply do the following:

  1. New Business - If our relationship with you leads to a buyer or listing agreement, I'm going to ask Frazier to provide you with several complimentary months!

  2. New Contacts - If you introduce us to a new member, you'll get one month for free.

  3. Power Team - Each month we provide a complimentary month to the extraordinary business owner that we vote as our TOP MEMBER.

If you like this plan, once you apply here’s what will happen...

  • You're going to complete an online diagnostic interview to make sure that this is right for you and that you're a good fit for us.

  • You’re going to attend one of lunches.

  • You will complete a short application process.

If we choose to be partners here is what will happen next. You will be...

  1. Activated on our EBN Directory

  2. Announced to the Extraordinary Business Network

  3. Added to EBN Daily Meet emails

  4. Added to our Community Networking Directory

  5. Added to Community “Trusted Partners” Guide **

  6. Allowed access to EBN Business Accelerator Training Series

  7. Invited to attend our monthly Extraordinary Business Network Orientation where you will:

    1. Meet other members – old and new

    2. Complete short video introduction

    3. Learn about all of the ways we can help you grow your business

    4. Learn about working with Greetings Virginia

    5. Get Greetings Virginia EBN “Class” Photo

We want to make it easy for you to say “YES!”.  (In fact, we want to make it easier to say “YES” than it is to say “NO” (that’s called “Risk Reversal”) and it’s just one of the many breakthrough business strategies we work with our members that you should implement in YOUR business)

So here’s our 3 part “You’ll be Delighted and Amazed” Guarantee:

  1. Guarantee #1 - If any time during the first 3 months, you’re not delighted and amazed with what you’re getting from the EBN, we’ll cancel and give you a prompt cheerful refund.

  2. Guarantee #2 - If either of us decide NOT to move forward with the permanent membership after the initial 3 months, we’ll cancel your membership and refund your startup fee.

  3. Guarantee #3 - If you decide to continue with the monthly membership after the initial three months and, AT ANY TIME, you aren’t delighted and amazed, let us know and we’ll not only cancel your subscription but we’ll ALSO REFUND THE PREVIOUS MONTH’s Payment.

That’s called ONLY Getting Paid IF the customer is getting value!!

Look, if you take me up on this right now, I will invite you to a special “Members Only” event. (You'll be delighted and amazed with what goes on there...)

Here are some of the commonly asked questions I get…

  1. Yes, I’m interested.  What do I do?
    Complete the contact form on this page. That will start our 7 day pre-exploratory period. You will get a copy of the intake questionnaire and we ask that you complete it online.

  2. How do I get approved?  
    We will review your online questionnaire and solicit feedback from our current members.

  3. I hate signing up for monthly subscriptions. Do I have to?
    I'm with you.  (Frazier is still paying $100s per month in subscriptions that he's just too lazy to cancel).  That's why there is NO ONGOING SUBSCRIPTION until you've completed your 3 month trial and we've BOTH decided that this is a mutually beneficial arrangement that we want to set up on going.

  4. What if I want to cancel?
     Just email Frazier with your inclination to cancel.  If you’re in your 1st 3 months, your trial membership will be canceled and your payment will be refunded (you will be asked to return any materials provided.)

  5. Why are you doing this?  
    Because I learned a long time ago from my mentor, the late Zig Ziglar, "You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."  My intention is that you find value and if so, consider me as a resource in real estate for yourself and your friends, co-workers and family.

  6. What do we want from you?

    1. Refer buyer and seller prospects.

    2. Like and Promote Greetings Virginia on social media.

    3. Share valuable Greetings Virginia content about buying, selling, improving and real estate investing.

    4. Invite people to our community building events.

    5. Massively succeed in your business.

  7. I already have a relationship with another agent.  
    Fantastic! We respect your relationship and know that there are many ways to help each other. A way that you could reciprocate is to encourage your agent friend to visit our real estate coaching website.  

  8. I need to maintain relationships with lots of agents.
    Even better! (See # 7 Above)

  9. What if I want to be in more than one community?  
    We encourage our members to network in multiple communities, but in terms of being featured on the directory and the different promotional materials, we only feature members in their "home"community. Select the one that you believe you are best suited for. You can also have a member of your team apply for another community.

    If you're a B2B business, learn about joining our NoVA Small Business SWAT Team where you can serve businesses in more than one community.

  10. What if there’s already someone in my community in my business category? 
    This not an exclusive seat group; we encourage the top businesses in each community to join and participate.

  11. What I’m not really community centric?  
    If you’re approved, you can be an “at large” member of the Network.  It will include all of the same access and resources except those related to a local community.

We look forward to speaking with you and in helping you in your success!

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Dan Rochon,
Owner, Greetings Virginia Real Estate Sales Network

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