Dear Northern Virginia resident,

Would you like to receive top value from local, well vetted extraordinary businesses?

It is known that when you spend $100 at a local business, roughly $71 stays in our local Northern Virginia economy. That is greater than the $39 that stays in the local economy when you spend $100 with a large business.

The Northern Virginia environment is diverse and fast paced and our communities are often disconnected. Seldom do we have relationships with our neighbors that are bonded.

150 years ago, railroads made the rise of our big cities and consolidated shopping sectors. A century ago, cars became common which allowed for shopping malls to sprawl into our suburbs. 50 years ago, the big box stores became commonplace. As a consumer, our choices have expanded with time and this is mostly good.

Today our economy is going online. When we need a product or service we most often log onto our phone or computer to research customer reviews and prices, find a better deal and then place an order.

You probably have had the experience of having a problem when you ordered online. You go back to the website that you ordered from and search for a phone number. If one exists, you call it and get a recorded call tree with several options. You select an option, wait on hold, get a, “customer service” representative that may or may not speak fluent English and then you get transferred to the next person. And that is if you can even find a phone number. More often, you will talk with a chatbot or email a representative to hopefully get your problem eventually resolved.

You don’t want that to happen. That is bad.

My name is Dan Rochon. I’ve been a local business person in Northern Virginia, selling real estate in our community for more than a decade. I’ve built a real estate sales business that is embedded in the neighborhood.

Through the years in business, I have met some of the best local vendors in the area. I invited them to participate together with the Extraordinary Business Network for the purpose of providing you the best value, that will allow for you to save on local services, shopping, entertainment, and more...

All vendors that participate are local. They go through a rigorous screening process and in most situations, I have had a personal relationship with them that spans years. These businesses are truly extraordinary.

When you support our local businesses that participate with the Extraordinary Business Network,

  • You will be supporting the families that they employ. Small businesses are the foundation of our area and they are what make our neighborhoods great.

  • You will know the people behind the product or service.

  • You will get better service because the business owners have a local reputation.

  • The service that you get will be personalized.

This means….

  • You’ll be a priority and never fall through the cracks.

  • You won’t have to rely on sitting on hold for hours to fix a problem if it were to occur.

  • You will be confident that you are working with the best local people.

  • You’ll have a relationship with the businesses that you use.

How good does all that sound?

As a consumer, you have choices. You can order online for your next pair of shoes. You can shop at the big box stores. You can be caught in a relationship with a call center. Or you can work with a person that you can trust and that will be there for years to come taking care of your personal needs.

But take my word for any of this…

A friend of mine, Pecola saved on her carpet cleaning by using a member of our network and more importantly, she created a relationship with the owner of the company, Dragan that is always available to help her.

Last week, a consumer that lives in Annadale called me and said, “Dan, thanks for the introduction to your handyman. He took great care of me and fixed the leaking bath pipes. He was awesome.”

Almost every week, a local Northern Virginia resident contacts me with kudos for one of the vendors in our network. I encourage for you to let me know about your experience. You can email me at

I invite you to work with the local vendors that participate with the Extraordinary Business Network. Sign up for our newsletter and receive discounts and updates from those businesses.

There is no membership fee for you to participate. You get the best deals. You get relationships with local people. You will get taken care of.

I guarantee that these business owners will take care of you and that you will never be forgotten. If you have any challenges with a member of my network, let me know and we will address it with the vendor. If your complaint is valid and the business does not fix it, they will be asked to leave our network. This provides for integrity in our community.

Look, if you have a need for a service or product, search the vendors on our website and contact them now. They will take great care of you.

Here are some of the commonly asked questions I get….

Is there a cost for a consumer to use these services? No, we are a community of business owners committed to providing the best service and products for the best price. We participate in this network for the purpose of helping each other and our mutual clients.

How do I become eligible to receive the values of Extraordinary Business Network? You simply need to be referred to the Network from one of our participants.

Enter your information below to join our network as a Premier Extraordinary Business Network Consumer and to save money using the best available local coupons for home services, auto repair, shopping, restaurants and more. 

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Dan Rochon

Owner/ Operating Partner, Keller Williams Realty - Kingstowne

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Owner, Greetings Virginia Real Estate Sales Network

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