Frequently Asked Questions for Business Owners

Value to Greetings Virginia sales network - What we want to get out of members:

  1. Referrals of homeowners to GV

  2. Invites/referrals of other Members to GVXBN

  3. Promotion/Invitation of prospective clients to events

  4. Exposure of GV content to list, social media

  5. Branding Promotion, Exposure (GV Network, GV Community Value Card)


  • $150 – for 1st three months (probationary member)

  • $47/mo after first three months if we mutually continue

    • Upsells to other higher priced products (TBD)

      • Community Builder

      • Network Builder

      • Mastermind


Value from GV - What we want to give to members:

  1. Introductions to other GV BIG members

  2. Introductions to community (through list building activities)

  3. Coaching Content

  4. Accountability

  5. Publicity/Promotion

  6. Access to/Promotion of Content (our, others)

  7. Access to and Inclusion on Community Value Card

  8. Logistics

  9. Priority access to and Discounted business building activities

    1. Sponsorship/Advertising

    2. Mastermind

    3. Production events – Social Media Blitz, Video Production, Celebritification

Celebrity Building Activities we facilitate:

  1. Co-producing Books

  2. Video

  3. Publicity Photos

  4. PR, HARO network

  5. Endorsement, Testimonial Sharing

Intake and Pay – what happens next once they pay

  1. Diagnostic:

    1. Email/Online Interview

    2. Email/Online Business Development Diagnostic

    3. Invite to new members orientation/introduction  (monthly)

  2. Add to:

    1. Member Directory (filtered by community, business type)

    2. Community Directory (filter by business type)

    3. GV Daily Meet Email Series

    4. Community Network Series

  3. Opportunity to Provide Stuff:

    1. Solicit Bonus/Discount for CVC

    2. Solicit Community Sweepstakes Prize

    3. Articles/Content

  4. Communication – Signed up to receive:

    1. Daily Meet – NoVA

    2. Daily Meet – Spec. Community

    3. Weekly Events:

      1. Community Lunches

      2. Online Accelerator

    4. Monthly Events:

      1. Class/Workshop/Orientation

Staying Qualified as GV Member:

  1. 1st 3 months – flat rate, “getting to know you”

  2. Staying current on payment

  3. Contributing

  4. Being the best person available

Network Management:


  1. Identify prospects in

  2. Follow up for referred prospects

  3. Outreach/Invite Emails to prospectives


  1. Activate new members

  2. Send Monday Email

  3. Manage Community Launches (when applicable)

    1. Emails to Outreach to Business/Community Orgs