Frequently Asked Questions:

What this looks like in action:


1) Give us an opportunity to meet new people (and have new people meet members)

2) Give them regular opportunities to network (but NO required meetings)

3) Let’s hold regular workshops where we can share ideas, resources

4) Let’s have regular community events (lunches) to help our businesses improve their community’s profile

5) Help members connect and partner on projects.

6) Provide ongoing, high value, on demand online resources and training that members can plug into to help with their businesses.  AND let members connect with other members who are working on the same business development projects for support, ideas, and accountability.

7) Help businesses create video to use in their businesses and marketing

8) Support our businesses by creating and sharing social media content

9) Help our businesses audit their businesses to identify strengths/weaknesses

10)  Connect related businesses into power teams

11)  Put together a “local” trusted partners guide, put businesses in it, and make it available to buyers/sellers/people on our list

12)  Create an “Meet the business” article and add it to the guide and to online social media

13)  Create a clearing house where members can share content and members can “grab” content to use in social media, newsletters, blogs

14)  Challenge and Celebration – Challenge people to set and stick to their goals and celebrate success.


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