Dear Business Owner,

Let me pay for your membership.

If Greetings Virginia gets a new buyer or listing due to our relationship, I’d be delighted to comp you for 6 months of your membership!

Frazier and I are confident that you’ll be getting 2x, 3x, 10x in value from your investment in the Network anyway but I definitely want to thank you for EVERYTHING that you do to help us at Greetings Virginia help your clients and friends with their real estate needs.

Our passion is helping people buy, sell houses and invest in real estate…and doing it in a way that is low stress and high reward.

Want to help your network, customers/clients?

Here are two ways that you can help them (and we promise you that they’ll thank you for connecting them with us)

  1. REFER - If you know of someone who is thinking about buying, selling or interested in real estate, encourage them to contact us.
  2. SHARE - Share our content with them or on social media:
    1. Articles
    2. Webinars
    3. Community Events

There are 11 additional ways that you can help us (or your customers)

  1. Share Webinar List
  2. Invite to Client Appreciation
  3. Reciprocal testimonials/ reviews
  4. Referrals or display willingness to refer, 
  5. Attend and promote lunches
  6. Plan/cohost educational speaking events
  7. Co-Sponsor and invite to client appreciation events
  8. Introduce to potential partners
  9. Introduce to real estate agents
  10. Link to web site
  11. Joint marketing efforts
  12. facebook live reciprocal interviews
  13. Include our content in your marketing
  14. Promote/feature on social media
  15. There are 11 additional ways that you can help us (or your customers)

  16. Provide Access to Speaking opportunities
  17. Share Content (Articles, Videos, Resources) with us to share with our Social Media or Customers
  18. Provide Bonuses/Discounts to offer customers
  19. Invite us to Network/Promo Events
  20. Introduce us to Add’l Business Partners
  21. Be Partners for Marketing Initiatives
  22. Help Us Producing Events or Publications
  23. Share Out Trusted Partners Resource Guide with Your List
  24. Provide us Feedback to help up improve our offerings
  25. Connect us with potential business/community partners
  26. Like us on the Social Media

Our Community Building Events:

  1. Christmas Tree Giveaway
  2. Charity Poker Tournament
  3. Movie Night
  4. Pig Roast BBQ