Greetings Virginia's Extraordinary Business Network Member Coaching Series

You'll understand how to benefit from the positioning, promotion and connecting of being an EBN member.  You will learn how to generate more leads that will lead to more sales.  You will learn to create content to attract leads, attract those leads, increase credibility and make more sales.  You will understand how to shorten the conversion cycle and enjoy a bonus opportunity to create a webinar that will help you and your business.

"The connection that I got from the network helped me meet my assistant. Frazier guided me to attract high quality candidates for me to hire.  He guided me to send an email and the response was insane." - Bobby D.
"We were surprised that when we followed the coaching, we got 40 responses from new prospects. We were expecting a good response but that was more than expected. We signed a new client today! It was a lay down lead." - Nicki G.
"I never considered to niche my business. I am following Frazier's coaching. It has been a short period of time and I am super excited!" - Katie H. 

This information will be delivered to you in seven (4) week units that will take place on a weekly webinar. Here are the steps:

Unit 1 - “EBN Mastery” 

The Promise: Take advantage of the Positioning, Promotion, and Connecting that comes with EBN Membership

Week #1 – Using the Lunches to Position Yourself as a Community Influencer
Week #2 – How to Community Value Card can help you blow up your business
Week #3 – Congrats! You’re in the Community “Who’s Who” – WHO Can you nominate and connect with
Week #4 – Be a Community Hero by sharing GIFTS and OPPORTUNITIES: An overview of the GIFTS that you have available to you to connect with ANYONE, ANYWHERE as a “Welcome Guest”

Unit 2 - “Grow Your List” 

The Promise: Generate More Leads and Sales

Week #1 – Creating the Right BAIT for your Target Market
Week #2 – Sharing your BAIT through Social Media – A start up and ongoing schedule
Week #3 – Speak and Grow Rich – Using Speaking Engagements to Share Your BAIT and grow your list
Week #4 – Sharing Your BAIT through your Business Network

Unit 3 - “Farm Your List” 

The Promise: Attract Referrals, Testimonials and New & Repeat Business from Your List

Week #1 – “But what do I say?” – Strategies and schedules for communicating with your list without creating LIST (or “You”) FATIGUE
Week #2 –Technologies to help you connect with your list
Week #3 – Make It a Game – Metrics for Tracking List Communication Success
Week #4 – Gift Sharing (Farm Your List) Edition – How to use your EBN Gifts to Attract Repeat Business, Testimonial, and Referrals

Unit 4 - “Weaponize Your Network” 

The Promise: Create Content to Attract Leads, Increase Credibility and Make Sales

Week #1 – Understanding the Value of a Network Team Member and Your 7 Day Plan for Definitively Activating Your Current Business Network
Week #2 – How to Grow Your Network Organically (but Effectively)
Week #3 – The Team 100 Approach to Supercharging Your Network Growth
Week #4 – The Ongoing Care, Feeding, and Monitoring Of Your Network

Unit 5 - “Get Farm Famous” 

The Promise: Farm Your Geographic and Niche Market More Effectively

Week #1 – 15 Strategies to Become “Farm Famous” in your Geographic Farm
Week #2 – The Value of Nicheing and How to Niche
Week #3 – 15 Strategies to Become “Farm Famous” in your Geographic Farm
Week #4 – Strategies and Schedules for Ongoing “Gift Sharing” with your Farm(s)

Unit 6 - “Sharpen Your Blades” 

The Promise: Shorten Your Conversion Cycle

Week #1 – “Shock and Awe”tomate Your Conversion Process
Week #2 – Adding “Credibility Enhancers” and “Desire Accelerators” to Your Conversion Process
Week #3 – Make it a Game: Adding Metrics to Track Your Conversion Success
Week #4 – Creating Emotional Sales Copy to Support Your Conversion Process

Bonus Unit - "Webinar Builder"

The Promise: Create Content to Attract Leads, Increase Credibility and Make Sales

Week #1 – What is RIGHT for you? Video, Webinar, Both
Week #2 – Designing Your First Webinar
Week #3 – Webinar Design Check In and Feedback
Week #4 – Strategies for Sharing – with your list, in your farm, with your business network, with social media – and beyond

EBN Membership Costs

(See below for how to get your membership for FREE!)

Part 1:  $350.00 – 3 Month “Exploratory Period” – at the end of which we’ll each decide whether to continue ongoing.

Part 2: If, after the first 3 months, we mutually decide to continue, you can stay on for $47/mo ** See how to get your monthly membership for FREE!)

Get Your Monthly Membership For FREE!

  1. New Business - If our relationship with you leads to a buyer or listing agreement, Dan would be delighted to provide you with several complimentary months!
  2. New Contacts - If you introduce us to a member, get one month for free.
  3. Power Team - Each month we provide a complimentary month to the person that we vote as the TOP MEMBER.

Our THREE PART “Delighted and Amazed” Guarantee:

We want to make it easy for prospective customers to say “YES!”.  (In fact, we want to make it easier to say “YES” than it is to say “NO” (that’s called “Risk Reversal”) and it’s just one of the many breakthrough business strategies we work with our members to implement in THEIR businesses)

So here’s our 3 part “You’ll be Delighted and Amazed” Guarantee:

  1. Guarantee #1 - If any time during the first 3 months, you’re not delighted and amazed with what you’re getting from the EBN, we’ll cancel and give you a prompt cheerful refund.
  2. Guarantee #2 - If either of us decide NOT to move forward with the permanent membership after the initial 3 months, we’ll cancel your membership and refund your startup fee.
  3. Guarantee #3 - If you decide to continue with the monthly membership after the initial three months and, AT ANY TIME, you aren’t delighted and amazed, let us know and we’ll not only cancel your subscription but we’ll ALSO REFUND THE PREVIOUS MONTH’s Payment.

That’s called Getting Paid IF the customer is getting value!!

Sign up now!

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Summer Group: May 30th, 2018
Fall Group: July 9th, 2018

You'll be grouped into a team of six to eight business owners and coached around implementing a consistent plan to do more business in a predictable manner.

Potential Coaching Times (subject to change):

You'll attend via a Webinar (with on demand video replay). Webcam and computer headset required.

Monday at 8:00 A.M. EST
Tuesday at 8:00 A.M. EST
Wednesday at 11:30 A.M. EST

90-Day Money Back Guarantee - Email us before the end of the first 90 days and receive a complete refund for any reason.

You will have access to:

  • 28 One-Hour Weekly Classes
  • A Dedicated Instructor
  • Footage of Classes
  • Includes Workbook

What EBN Membership Includes:

  1. Promotion of your business to the community of Extraordinary Business Network consumers and placement on the website.
  2. Coaching as a part of our EBN Coaching Series (28 Week Curriculum) (Described on this page)
  3. Free Admission to our weekly Community Networking Lunches (Quarterly in each of our 12 specific communities (when fully rolled out) - space available)
  4. Recognition as a member at your Community’s Networking Lunch
  5. Enhanced Member Listing on our online NoVA Networking Directory
  6. Announcement as new member in weekly email to NoVA Networking List
  7. Invitation to our Monthly New Member Orientation/Workshop (space available)
  8. Included in Local Recommended Resource Guide prepared for your Community and distributed to local prospects/clients
  9. Exclusive listing for your business category in your community
  10. Included in online Community “Who’s Who” Directory
  11. Opportunity to participate in Community Value Card in your Community
  12. Opportunity to attract opt in leads from List Builder sweepstakes in your community
  13. Preparation of New Member Introduction Video – Hosted on Site
  14. Invitation to monthly Business Development Workshops (space available)
  15. Priority and discounted access to events, trainings, and sponsorship opportunities
  16. Recognition as a member at Quarterly NoVA Networking Events
  17. Free, on-demand access to Weekly Online Business Accelerator
  18. Creation of “Meet the Member” Introduction Article/Blog Post
  19. Social Media “Like” Reciprocity

What Membership DOES NOT include

  1. Membership does not include a guarantee of business with or client/customer referrals from Greetings Virginia (although it does include introduction to and connection with Dan Rochon and his agents and introduction to his customers in your community).

Terms of Membership:

  • You agree to provide “Knock your socks off” service to your clients and customers (including Greetings Virginia referred customers).
  • You agree to treat business partners, clients and prospective clients with absolute integrity. 
  • You understand that this networking relationship is based on mutual agreement and satisfaction and can be discontinued at any time by either party. 


New Member Deposit Options